I'm seeing more podcasts fail to play on pwa's daily. Pretty sure this is because somewhere in GrapheneOS these ad based shows are using too many redirects or trackers that are on a list.

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@adam As far as I can see the problem comes from the fact that the audio is going through some redirects that are HTTP only (I can see that it DOES end up on a https url) - but when the redirect is http only, then the browser is basically saying "Nope! mixed content, bailing out!"

I think @dave actually tried to get it solved for this specific podcast, but not sure how far that got.

Good its not app problem but infra/browser borkedness. Worth giving a note somewhere for casters to avoid nonhttps urls in redirect chains. Maybe add to faq.

@adam @dave

@martin @dave ah yes. The http/s thing.
Is one of those trackers http only? Which one?

@adam @dave When I look through my console it lights up on this one:


But... I actually just did a search for "DH Unplugged" and it's there 3 times, and if I pick

then it works fine, so I think they fixed it, the leftovers are just still in the index! I think I might swap them in the Podfriend database, so the path without numbers will belong to this one.

@martin Cleaned up. There are seriously like 8 different feeds for that podcast that all end up redirecting to feedburner. [sigh]

@dave @martin Thanks Gents! I hope that episode is worth all the effort LOL

@adam @martin Ok, I screwed that up. The actual one is this one:

I was doing too many things at once and copy/pasted the wrong number. The other ones are still in the DB. They are just marked dead so they won't show up or update.

@adam @martin Can someone tell Horowitz to stop using feedburner? lol. It's gross. 😂

@dave @martin Horowitz is an OG podcaster. Creates his feed on his own server with WP and the FBurner plugin. He's happy to switch, as long as he has a "plan". I understand his situation all too well.

@adam @dave Honestly I don't see any problems - now that the feeds are fixed it should all be good from now on :)

God you two work as much as uyghurs in xinjiang cotton plantation but with better outcomes. I so envy You Two.

@dave @martin

@martin @adam @dave

Yes, http audio basically implies all the surrounding web stuff has to be http (i.e., not SSL) too. Which feels like a very, very short term workaround.

I'm dragging my feet, but will probably have to accept providing a proxy on behalf of http-related podcast media. Tied to when I push podbrowser all the way over to https.

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