@samsethi Did you add trackers to your mp3 url? Show no longer plays on pwa apps

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@jamescridland @samsethi That didn't answer my question. It used to play. Now it doesn't. No problem, I can use any number of apps.

@dave @martin @jamescridland @samsethi No doubt GrapheneOS can be the reason. I turned off everything that could be blocking it. It was playing this exact episode previously.

@martin @jamescridland @samsethi When I click this link on my GrapheneOS device, it loads everything and plays fine in the browser, but not in the app.

I'll do some more testing and report back. I totally am not a typical use case.

@martin @jamescridland @samsethi OK. Here's what I've discovered.

GrapheneOS PF pwa the podcast starts playing immediately.

GrapheneOS PF app, if I wait 90 seconds it eventually starts playing.

Is the new player downloading the whole file first?

@adam @jamescridland @samsethi Oh, interesting. It shouldn't download the whole file, but since I am using native functionality, where I'm handing over more control to the OS, I am unsure if that happens sometimes. It certainly sounds like it.

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