LND now can make spontaneous payments [keysend] in a multi path route.

This means that now streaming large value payments will be much more stable and successful!


@adam @maxhillebrand I get confused on AMP/keysend. They are different, right?

@dave @adam yes, different things.

AMP: Atomic Multipath Payments. The sender creates MULTIPLE routes through different payment channels to the receiver. This is atomic, in the sense that either ALL routes succeed, or NONE.

Keysend: The sender does not need to ask the receiver for an invoice [hash of a pre-image], but the sender encrypts a secret to the receivers public key, and uses this cyphertext to build the HTLC route. The receiver can then decrypt the cyphertext to reveal the preimage.

@maxhillebrand @adam AMP replaces keysend eventually, correct? At least, that's the thinking? If I understand correctly it's the whole thing with the preimage that makes keysend not desirable long term.

@dave @adam No.

AMP just means that you can split up a single payment across multiple routes.

Keysend is an entirely different concept, but it does work ontop of AMP payments too.

@maxhillebrand @adam Thanks.
For some reason I just get really confused about AMP, Static Invoices and Keysend and where each lives in the stack.

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