Feels like cross app comments have been abandoned. I don't understand why.

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For me, it’s because using Activity Pub is difficult and confusing. There seems to be no clear way for an app to post a comment to an activity pub server without hosting the activity pub server. I’m not too keen on hosting an activity pub server. What I really want is an easy way for an app to let someone sign in to the Activity Pub server of their choice, then a set of APIs that allows the person to use the app to post a comment, and the comment is sent to the server they logged into.

I imagine once one of us figures out how to post comments, the rest will follow pretty quickly because there’s now a path we can follow.

@StevenB If I post a root comment, the app no longer needs an activity pub does it? Just an account that can post?

@adam I’m interested in doing it in Wordpress. I just have to wrap my head around it

@adam Would recommend removing all other non-activity-pub comments from the spec. It looks like a nightmare to support. Let's not try to boil the ocean - just support one comment system for now.

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