Starting a new Podcast in 2.0 world gives instant gratification!

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@jamescridland @adam Coming. 😊 Just need the bug fix confirmation from @brianoflondon and then I’m submitting.

@dave @jamescridland @adam I switched to the new version this morning. Browser still showing boosts. Looks good.

@brianoflondon @jamescridland @adam Awesome. If all still looks good by this evening (my time) I'll push a tagged release and do the submission.

@jamescridland @adam its pretty trivial to run it right now on a Raspberry Pi Umbrel if you know how to SSH into your box.

I've tweaked the instructions

Pull request sent to @dave but my version should be easy to follow.

@brianoflondon @adam @dave This was super useful, thank you. And I've already seen a boost I didn't know about - @adam and @dave listen to my "radio futurologist" podcast and boosted that, which goes direct to my Umbrel. Thank you both!

@jamescridland @adam @dave was the installation exactly right for you on the standard Umbrel? Kinda academic as it should be available in the App Store soon but good to know.

@brianoflondon @jamescridland @adam Nice! I was wondering when Radio Futurologist was going to get a boostagram corner. 😊

@brianoflondon @adam @dave It was exactly right. There was one error about permissions right at the end, to do with the database, but that appears to not matter. I'm sorry for not copying it.

@jamescridland @brianoflondon @adam Hmm. Interesting. If it crops up again let me know.

If you go into your Umbrel directory and go to “app-data/podcasting20-boosts/data” do you see your database file there?

@dave @brianoflondon @adam To answer this - yes, I do.

Interestingly, it was last written on 11 Dec 18:32. It's now 12 Dec 20:51 and the app is telling me: "No data to show yet. Building the initial database may take some time..."

@dave @brianoflondon Tried reinstalling, and here's that permissions error. (I've reinstalled again using sudo).

@jamescridland @brianoflondon Did you uninstall first? If you need to I can give you the command for that.

@dave @brianoflondon I didn't, and things have gone very wrong in the world of Umbrel. (I found the command). Lots of perpetual "synchronising". I'm fiddling about to fix it all.

@dave @brianoflondon All fixed. Haven't yet reinstalled helipad though.

Question to you both - how do I get to edit the helipad HTML/JS files on the Umbrel device? I'd like to fiddle to add a way for power users to see the TLV records, and potentially streaming sats as well. I think they're hidden in a docker image but I don't understand how to "get in" and edit them on the device?

@jamescridland @brianoflondon You would have to enter the docker image with a shell and edit it there. But, it will reset that upon restarting the docker image, reboot, etc. so it's probably not practical. If you want to do real-time work on it to see things happening, I would suggest taking a spare machine and setting it up with Ubuntu and then compiling and running helipad on it's own and point it at your umbrel.

@jamescridland @adam @dave if you'd ever like to test out the system I've built with one of your shows, it's pretty easy.

I seem to remember you registered Podnews on Hive?

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