@adam That is only ONE part of the bigger problem. I've heard podcasts that use BOTH dynamic insertion AND in-podcast ad reads! It is SAD.

Specifically, The Friendship Onion with the actors who played Merry and Pippin in Lord of the Rings.

Sure, they are entertaining but, each podcast starts with a semi-localized pre-roll auto ad, and has multiple Ad reads by the hosts.

If I didn't enjoy their conversations, I'd be done with the insanity,

@adam I was listening to some podcast about a serial killer. Pretty intense stuff... Then all of a sudden without any warning some German dude starts shouting something. I've no idea what they were selling. That was kinda absurd.

Another low point was when the host sailed in to the host read by saying something like "speaking of home invasions, simple safe offers..." 🤮

@ville and my fave: "Let's talk about your health"

Fuck off I say.

@adam the Spotify add network “SPAN” lol! Couldn’t think of a more appropriate name. I can hear the execs in the boardroom now, “Just SPAN the plebes, SPAN the hell out of them!”

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