I apologize in advance of the board meeting. I have been called to the front lines for an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience.

After a secret discussion in a smoky back room, the executive board decided we must sacrifice this week's meeting for the opportunity at hand.

Please direct any complaints to management

@adam Could you not put out an episode of on-hold type music to fill the void for this week? Perhaps a medley of Bucks Fizz's greatest hit?

@dave @adam Absolutely! I can just imagine the boostagrams you'd receive! 😁

@adam @dave I think the board can allow this as long as the opportunity to plug the living daylights out of Podcasting 2.0, value for value and everything else we do here is taken up to 11 this time.

@adam John will be happy with the NA donations and I think its time to go full No Agenda Crack Pot on Joe.

Good luck @adam!
I vote that @dave holds a minority meeting by himself! You may sing if you please. 🙏

@dave @adam I promise to listen if you do 😄. And even boost 🚀

People, be careful, the complaints department is known for hitting people in the mouth:

@adam feel free to tell Joe some Polish joke and then say “I can tell Polish jokes because I have Polish friends” (me = purebred, Dvorak = 50.00%) 😉

@adam this is how you will break the internet and fully implement podcasting 2.0

@adam Do you have a stunt double to play @dave's ISO's and hype the infinite possibilities of V4V and podcasting 2.0 so you still have a meeting of half a board 😅

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