@adam take this as a receipt of success, that this is on the correct path :)

@dave @adam Yes, I think expanding the value4value layer to the broader web and more media types has a great potential. These are ideas that we work on and experiment with in Alby (the lightning browser extension)

Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback! Your work is essential and the inspiration there!

@bumi @dave @adam

This would be so awesome. A direct connection between two parties without needing a custodial wallet... one can dream.

@StevenB @dave @adam I think we can do that? The lightning network provides that protocol.

Tools like Alby allow apps and websites to receive payments though that protocol. p2p, directly from the user's wallet.
what are you missing?

@StevenB @bumi @dave The way I understand Alby, you need your own full node.

@adam @StevenB @dave Alby tries to be the bridge between the browser and the lightning network.
With Alby you can either connect your existing wallet (use your LND or bluewallet) or get a hosted custodial Alby account.

So a full node is not required, but an option.

@bumi @adam @StevenB Are you using something like lnpay for the hosted wallets, or something you rolled yourself?

@dave @adam @StevenB we run our own hosted wallet right now (which is lndhub compatible and can also be used within BlueWallet)

(And there we plan to add keysend which then will also be possible to be used by others who currently already integrate lndhub)

@StevenB @dave @adam
keysend is not yet supported. but that is planned to also support podcasts...should come soon.

One problem here is that keysend is not supported by all wallets that can be connected to Alby...for example if you use your Bluewallet account with Alby then keysend would not be possible.

@bumi @dave @adam

Let me know when keysend is supported. I'd like to mess around with it.

Are multiple wallets per user allowed, or is it connected to only one wallet?

@StevenB @dave @adam and the goal is that Alby can make it for example possible that the web player on the podcastindex website also can send payments...

@bumi @dave @adam

If Alby is able to enable a listener to stream payments to the podcaster in real time, it will be super helpful.

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