While Dave works on the captcha issue, can someone with API, or podping access add this feed for me?

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@sirpeet @dave A cancelled user who has only used anchor. There's a learning curve ;-)

@adam @dave Ah, silly me. I did hear that. Thankful that podcasting 2.0 is normal and Jensen will be okay.

@adam @dave If you're looking for more detailed information to restore in Jensen's feed: The Way back machine is your friend:

Feed from April 26th.

@sirpeet @dave They're using sovereign feeds and are now cleaning up.

@adam @sirpeet @dave

I noticed a lot of items in the feed. I can probably write a script to mass update some of those items if needed.

@StevenB @sirpeet @dave I think they're working n a web hook integration and deleting from SF

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