I'm working on another deal where those will be updated in real time using websockets, sort of like a web based Helipad.

@StevenB excellent. not seeing any per minute payments yet, even though I am streaming payments.


I see that one stream has gone through and two boostagrams. It could be the percentage is low. CC sends a keysend once you reach a 3 sat threshold, so it may just be a few minutes before you reach that.

@StevenB @adam my upcoming guest has refused a split for the show, wants it to stay with us 😅 but I am going to use your web wallets to start retroactively onboarding previous guests who may want a split! Also gonna help a lot with future guests who would like a split but aren't yet noded up. So awesome!!!

@StevenB they are reflected in the total but not in the "stream/boosts" history. I expected to see both based on the menu item name.


They should be. It's a bug in the code that's only returning boostagrams for both. I'll fix it tonight.


I thought it was a bug, but looking at my code, it looks like it should be showing the stream history, and I'm not able to reproduce.

It looks like while you were testing, only one 3 sat stream payment came in to the address, but something happened with the webhook that prevented it from pinging my function to record it to the database, so that stream payment wasn't recorded in the database. It looks like all the other streaming payments have come through though.

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