@StevenB Is the "synch image to channel" functioning properly in SF? NA seems stuck.

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It's showing up in CurioCaster and Podcast Index as the new image. And Curry and the Keeper is also showing the new image, so it seems to still be working. When I copy a different url to the Episode Art and click the Sync button, it's also changing the Show Art as expected.

@StevenB The itunes:image is changing properly, but not the channel image

it's still stuck on 1444


Definitely a bug. I've found it and corrected it. Thanks for digging into it, that was really helpful.

@StevenB Do I see correctly that you removed the channel image item altogether and it's just iTunes:image now?

If so, why?


No, that's not suppose to be happening. The only reason it would remove the channel image item is if the channel didn't have a url.

When I do it with NA, this is what I'm seeing in the xml file.

@StevenB Ah, I misread the </iTunes>
Didn't see it was a closing tag.

All good! Thanks for the quick response!

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