musiccasting - Onboarding musicians to Podcasting 2.0 and Value for Value

@adam This is a great video and very dense. No wonder we have an onboarding issue but if people just start using the apps I think there is so much enjoyment with it that I think people will be willing to work through it. That's what has kept this whole thing going so far,

Comparing a lighting node to a cash register is interesting.

@ChadF @adam

I think we're about to see another wave of activity that's going to make onboarding much easier. I think Alby, MASH and other similar applications are going to make it much easier to onboard.

I'm still surprised by how much has been done in the last year. It's hard to believe, but the first boostagram was sent less than a year ago. I can't even imagine how far the whole ecosystem will be a year from now.

@StevenB @adam

It definitely is getting much easier. I remember last Jan struggling to get sats from cash app to Sphinx and now I'm sending sats across several apps with out even thinking about it.

I hear Adam mention that listeners of CATK are struggling to support the show with sats and I just wonder what were missing.

@ChadF @adam @merryoscar haven't used Strike for purchasing bitcoin yet. Looks easy! Nice job on the video.

@sliekpodcast @adam @merryoscar Dave recommended it early on and that’s what I’ve been using this entire time.

I played around with the site you sent me but just ended up using it to trim the video and cut out some private info because I was short on time.

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