@adam It seems to be working well.

Just an FYI, the website is instructing your node to re-pin your shows. Since you saved your datastore (didn't reinstall IPFS), you're still hosting the content. But the website lost track and needs to "refresh" it's records.

@cameron done. can't seem to re-pin podcasting2.0 feed though

@adam Saw you toggling the favorites. I think you had set to Delete/Un-Favorite, which queued up deleting, then re-pinned. i.e. It dumped those records when you un-favorited.

How did you fix the node? I'm collecting a list of issues to attempt to detect on the next app release.

@cameron I rebooted th eunbrel from th ecommandline. Previously I restarted throught he umbrel admin, but the actual machine needed rebooting. I didn't know it wasn't rebooting on an umbrel admin restart

@adam @cameron
cool in the latest podcating 2.0 you where talking about hosting bantwhith...(na-tube) do we have metrics on the umbrel ipfs node?? like to jump in (on the hosting part). should i dust of my old docker ipfs self setup.... or go whit the umbrel.... i think option 1...

@Thierry2 @adam Setting up the Umbrel is definitely easier, but running your own IPFS node and running the client script (ipfspodcasting.net/Client) gives you more control. The Umbrel version doesn't have the IPFS UI/Tools for security reasons.

IPFS Podcasting *can* host natube RSS feeds over IPFS but only the main/primary enclosure (not the alternate resolutions & bitrates).

@cameron @adam
i gone do my thing, i hosted the full na-argive... what should be the best way to do thees days??? is there a "url" i could pin as source of truth??

@Thierry2 For IPFS Podcasting, every episode is wrapped in it's own directory, so there's no hierarchical hash to pin everything. The original RSS is the source of truth.

i had the whole archive on local storage... than i did a sort of ipfs import...so i had a gateway white the whole archive... i will restart that prodject in a couple of days...

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