@StevenB I messed up. Instead of copying the previus episode in SF (1471), i edited it and made it 1472, leaving me with a gap.

I've uploaded the prrevious RSS with 1471 a the most recent and am trying to get SF to load the feed, but it still gives me 1472.

Is this just my shitty cache problem?

Will SF load from the feed eventually so I can restart the process?

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@adam @StevenB
I came here to see why 1471 disappeared from iTunes and/or Apple Podcasts, only to see it reappear just now.

So, if there was a cache problem, it seems to be cleared up now.

@adam @StevenB
1472 was already downloading in both of my iTunes/Apple podcasts clients... and then *poof*, they weren't.

I was hoping to reply with "don't worry, it already got downloaded"... But I guess iTunes DID kick me in the nuts. :/

@adam @StevenB
Oh shit, a second copy of 1471 is coming down on my iPhone... gonna go upstairs and see if iTunes has puked on the desk.

NO WAIT ... "Smugly" is downloading as another 1471, and "Publical Emergency" is marked as 1471, and just finished downloading a few minutes ago.

@adam @StevenB
Yeah, my iTunes upstairs snagged 1472 "Smugly" just fine, because it started the download prior to noticing the confusion, and subsequent alteration of the feed. (?)

On my iPhone I have two episodes marked "1471"

One is "Smugly" (But I'm 10% Ashkenazi Jew!)

And the other is "Publical Emergency" (It's just a vasectomy!)

@adam @StevenB

You probably already know, but I'm spelunking around seeing what's what, therefore here is a screengrab from what's at HAITCH TEE TEE PEE ://


Of course, the server is hammered, since many clients are busy downloading it again, ha-ha!

No worries! I was actually just finishing up a second listen to 1471, and therefore the "autodelete played" feature couldn't kick me in the nuts!

@adam @StevenB whilst the show did show up, it's out of order. Is there still a date wrong in the feed? Or cache....

@brianoflondon @adam @StevenB
The title and subtitle tags still have "1471" on both "Smugly" and "Publical Emergency"

It's confusing in the interface because of the numbering, but the actual episodes are there, the correct .mp3 files are enclosed, and everything else is right.

@brianoflondon @adam @StevenB
So, I quit pointing out the minor error, because it's a bit of a "distinction without a difference", since everyone actually has the episodes that they want to listen to. Correcting it yet again might just spam everyone with yet another download of an episode they already have.

@IceCubeSoup @brianoflondon @adam Might be best to just correct it on Sunday since it's just a typo error.

@StevenB @brianoflondon @adam
The time to do it might be just *before* the show, otherwise if it's done after the show, it will double the amount of bandwidth being demanded at peak. (Since many clients might see it as *two* new episodes ??)

Many times when I get confused by what's in a feed, I manually delete the episodes in question and then download again. I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this.

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