colorful:) so where does the cash register pop out of??;)

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Nice! Bell within dinging distance, a true necessity

@NBS @adam
Notice how the bell is positioned such that leaning over to ring it will be less likely to bump to microphone, and far enough away such that it won't require its own mic and mixer level, lol !

@NBS @adam
What's going on down here with this discreet 'concealed carry' situation?

@dave yes, but it turns out I left a dimmer on after all. Wasn't the monitor.


I’m happy to see you use Windows 11.

If you need specific help with Windows 11, let me know: I use it on my private computers: AMD PC and Surface Pro 8, and I like it bigly.


howdy Linux lover,

my opinion is, and I have all platforms due to unintentional overload of money, including apple silicon macs:

1) Linux is perfect OS for server-side and for server-less cloud tech

2) but for desktop OS the best OS in my view is windows 11, then macOS, then Linux

3) I understand there is political movement to switch to Linux, but many audio software drivers+apps are mac+windows only - see examples from Shure (for MV7) and Presonus in attachment.


@csb @adam to each his own. "best" is subjective. To me, anything with the Spyware that windows contains or anything as restricted as Apple, automatically takes them out of the lead for best. But I understand, especially for work, that compromises must be made

@csb @Afflicted @adam
I understand the software part (Like not having your favorite sound editor) but hardware should all work on Linux without *needing* additional software (and most things seem too), or the company selling that crap is suspect. Most of the software is the "lite" version where you know'll they'll be trying to get you to upgrade to "pro". And tricks to get your to "fill in your details" and apps to track you for their sales team.

@harvhat @csb @adam Adam has this bounty (old post) :

"I am never posting about my audio setup or problems again. The uninformed and often snarky comments agitate me too much.

I will personally  reward a $5000 bounty in Bitcoin to anyone who can make my MOTU Ultralite mk4 work with *any* Linux distro as it does under windows."


Sorry AC, from now on, I’ll shut up on this topic of desktop OS, seeing that you hold onto your Linux dream.

Anyways all stuff of interest to me is running in the cloud or web based so I can work from any desktop or tablet…


Yeah I should shut up on it, you fooled me into involving in this discussion. Silly me.

@csb eh, everyone has an opinion. No harm in stating that you prefer windows 11 and Mac. Everyone has their own preferences.

@csb I want to scale down, but cannot. less than 100% not allowed.


yeah and you can’t scale up too, as software you use, still doesn’t support Apple Silicon CPUs: support.hindenburg.com/forums/ .

This one supports Apple Silicon too (natively, without Rosetta2): presonus.com/products/Studio-O but I reckon you don’t want to abandon hindenburg…


OMG. The Infamous `Hotel Desk Bell` itself!! I bet you move it down in front of the keyboard when it's showtime! haha. Somebody should rig up for you a device to tap dat with a base drum pedal, for hands free operation...and it definitely needs it's own dedicated mic.

@adam I always assumed the Obama phone lady was hiding somewhere in the studio.

@adam Oh you use an ACTUAL bell?! I always thought you had some canned sound effect haha

@adam@podcastindex.social and here I am struggling with a Behringer Xenyx Q802USB mixer and a Heil PR-77 microphone for our podcast. What is that lovely colorful mixer you're using, @adam ? Is that the one you had commissioned to be built?

73 de N5PRE

@adam So this is where the magic happens! Nice. Colorful. Not quite what I expected. I think my perception of studio technology is about 20 years old. Make it 30. I gotta get me one of them bells. And a record coaster.

@Todd_Blubrry This is all a custom build of mAirList

The players at the top are controlled by the midi controller and the screen is touchscreen for the cart rack


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