@getAlby (ps) the numbers are for a 1% split that goes to my Alby wallet for stats.

V4V works.

Loops, not Lists!

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@dave @getAlby Yes.
The stats take a while to build, not a real-time view. I think it is still about 6-12 hours behind actual data coming in

@dave @getAlby
A 'public version' of this would be great for discovery. You can click on the hostspots where boostagrams occurred and find out why. The audio follows the click on the boostagram in the player.

@adam @dave @getAlby

This trending down is interesting. Have people just not finished the episode or maybe they skipped the donation section?

@adam @dave @getAlby

That would be an awesome new namespace tag. Some way for the stats to be displayed in app, like an API call or link to a JSON file or something. Clicking a spot on the timeline starts playing the audio at that timestamp.

@adam @dave @getAlby

Alby could also use these stats to create a discovery service, so instead of trending by listens, it's trending by biggest boosts, most overall sats, etc. Might be a way to monetize this to help pay for developer time and servers.

@dave @ChadF @StevenB @adam @getAlby

It’s just a glitch. Some weirdness going on at fountain but I’ll take it for now.

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