Studio is set up for the weekend at @whiteoakpasture in Bluffton Georgia for @beefinitiative

Well this was a surprise! Curiocaster has a "Music" section!!

@merryoscar Can you help De Jensen Show with their fountain podcaster wallet?
Show appears twice, the 'zero' balance account shows no sats when tapped, but the account with the sats throws an error. now promoting their 2.0 podcast with fountain and podverse!

@StevenB A friend is having trouble with SF. RSS file not being created.
Have a look. Is he missing something required?

Multiple flight cancellations screwed us out of the Aruba vacation. Diverted to Fla and decided to make the best of it. Value4Value fits the panel description

My bitcoinmachine finally arrived. Umbrel inside. Cute box, dead simple setup. I'm going to de it for lnurl experimentation. TIL how to install letsencrypt and reverse proxy.

This kind of device is now a category. is another similar system. Need to get helipad in there as well ;-)

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