@martin @hypercatcher You must give usnold folks a chance to probe we *can* figure this out! :-)

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New version of Podfriend out!

I wanted to release this before the dive into the value tag!

New stuff:
Sync of favorite podcast across platforms.

Space to start/stop podcast

Reset password option

And a few more smaller things

The sync is a bit wonky, because it preserves if you already had favorites locally (I didn't want to risk deleting anything) but it's still probably better than nothing! Later on, listen status and progress in episodes will be added.

Let me know if you hit any bugs!

@martin @hypercatcher as soon as pit the value block in PF, I will be sending you money. Many hours worth per day. A start!

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@martin @adam @dave
We have to get quickly to the 💰=>devs part so @martin can quit the day-job and concentrate on the podcast app full time 😄

@jamescridland @davekeeshan @dave @agates I see no reason to exclude other formats, if that's what you mean.

@brianoflondon The podcast academy, or one of the other plethora of "industry groups" should file a lawsuit over this. I believe it to be an antitrust issue.

Not interested I'm a legal debate. Merely a suggestion.

@brianoflondon Hive, IPFS, webtorrent... They all appear to lead to an alternative enclosure tag...

I place no blame on Transistor. What we're seeing is a strong arm tactic by Spotify.
In order to be able to auto submit to Spotify, hosting companies must enter into an agreement that results in this kind of story.

Viva la Index!!!


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Namespace: Don't forget to add your name to the contributors.txt file if you participate in any way. Even if it's just a comment in an issue. All voices count.

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New site is now up with some bug fixes, layout improvements and new apps added.

If your app isn't listed as using the correct features/tags let me know. Or better yet, tweak it in the web-ui repo and send a PR.


@jamescridland this has your layout stuff in it, and I fixed the double-_from thing in the player.

@brianoflondon I didn't change guid..
But yes, I messed up initially :-/

@419monk @dave folks gave been building wallets and infrastructure. Now it's time for people like us, with half a clue, to come in and take t for a spin!

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