@StevenB @dave @mikeneumann
The info is in you voltage dashboard. I need this to open a channel to you.

nodID@ip:port is the format

@nixer I do not. But this seems to be a nice hagiography, no prob there!

@js @eriner @dave @ChadF @mitch I think.its better for me to use a different instance for my comments in order to keep momentum moving.

I'm considering my personal instance: psyopshop.com

Jensen.nl now promoting their 2.0 podcast with fountain and podverse!

@js @dave @eriner is admin, and its more work than you'd imagine. We know why truthsocial didn't scale. Fediverse is especially unwieldy at 10k users.

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@RDK I was hoping James would point us in the right direction @jamescridland

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@nixer I'd love to have all 1451 episodes paginated ...

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Here's a clip for the latest Stephan Livera Podcast talking about Greenlight that @adam and @dave mentioned a few weeks ago.


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Chapters have been published for episode 85 using the super-secret, super-retro, Hypercatcher 2.0. beta.

Super excited for David Norman. This update brings so many new streamlined features that make publishing chapters a snap! @hypercatcher @adam @dave

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