@CMike @mitch @dave bluevwallet, phoenix, breez will all do this for you.

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Did you know Podverse maintains an open source JavaScript feed parser library?

It's supposed to make it easy to parse all Podcasting 2.0 namespaces,, but tbh we aren't actively keeping up with it unless there's a namespace we need added in Podverse.

If any developers would to like to help maintain @podverse/podcast-feed-parser please let me know! It is a very small library, but could be useful for devs looking for a Podcasting 2.0 compliant feed parser.


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@CMike get any lightning wallet. Use that wallet's on-chain address to send BTC from coinbase. You can now send sats from you lighting wallet.

@mitch @CMike @dave short answer, get the Strike app. Connect to debit or bank and scan the qr code to fill your wallet with Sats. strike.me/

@theDanielJLewis @dave @agates What you are defining are "subscriptions".

That is separate from the delivery mechanism.

@martin @brianoflondon @agates when the liquidity is all on your side, you need to take action or risk closures. Like a tomagotchi

@martin @agates could be many reasons, one of which is an actual bug in LND that stems from a race condition. Most likely liquidity ran out and our autopilot closed it after "some time".

Running your own Node does require maintenance. When a channel's liquidity is all on your side you have to rebalance it. The new 1 millions sats channel will make this requirement much less frequent 🙂

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Even more enabled podcasts!

- Trek TV - The most ambitious Star Trek podcast on the internet!
- AI.cooking
- The Canadian Bitcoiners Podcast - Bitcoin News With a Canadian Spin


@farrocha @dave We're doing OK with v4v. We just have a small budget.

@martin @agates It will manage your channels for you. In the meantime a 1mm sat channel is opening. I should have noticed the close. mempool.space/tx/599e61d4d2cdf

@martin @agates I see our channel closed as well. Reopening. Flow should return

@martin @Drebscott redownloaded and it works! Cograts Martin! If only we had known before we started recording LOL.

@Drebscott @martin I set my boost amount to 555 on my web account, in hopes it would change on my APK. No joy.

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