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Dust off my corner of your podcast app because a new episode is coming this Wednesday!

Make sure you're following The Audacity to Podcast in your favorite podcast app, or through so you won't miss this new episode!

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since transcripts are part of Podcasting 2.0

maybe it will be of interest to both podcast hosting companies and to app developers but also to podcasters:

open-source library for speech-to-text has been released by OpenAI (company that makes among others DALL*E):

more details:

(non-daily) source code:

I tried it in Jupyter in Google Colab (with GPU hardware accelerator) and it works and works quite fast.

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Folks, it's time to talk Podcasting 2.0 to our professional peers. Think of investors, podcast producers, hosting companies, app makers and listeners.

Here's a handy, ready to go link to the LinkedIn post on show #103 with @adam and @dave:

Share and like to make sure the post wil popup in other people's time line, mention them to get their specific attention. BOOST!

@podverse Installed the apk and will report back. So far so good!

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Castopod v1.0.0-beta.22 is here! 🚀

This release is full of bug fixes, grab the package on

Check out the release notes for the full list of fixes and update instructions:

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And as an extra thanks to everybody I've included you all in a 5% split for the episode. Check out this ridiculousness lol.

So check your boostagrams all, I just sent a thank you present. And guess what every single split went through!!! That's 24 splits that all succeeded. Podcasting is awesome, Bitcoin is awesome, P2.0 is awesome and you're all awesome!

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The final episode of Season 2 of the 'Value For Value' podcast is now officially out! I want to thank everyone who let me review their show and examine their implementation of v4v.

As I did a round up of everything I've learnt you'll find lots of helpful tips and tricks in this episode. And I have subsequently used most if not all on my Mere Mortals Book Reviews podcast.

Handy Links:

@coldacid This article describes the Podcast Industrial Complex perfectly.

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The Latest Episode of Millennial Media Offensive is now available!

MMO#39 – Te Amo

C U Next Tuesday @ 5:30pm c:

Consider dontating!:

Follow us: @NameRedacted & @Dhowjen

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@StevenB I like the promotion in the subscriptions list, but now that I am subscribed to Medus, I expect it to no longer show up as "have you heard".

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