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Podcasting 2.0 for April 2nd 2021 Episode 31: Cooking with Gas -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on; the Podfriend v4v release and we welcome Sizzling Sam Sethi to the Board Meeting

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@dave I'm giving you and @adam a lot of "Dave's money" tonight while testing my boost button 😅

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We just released @Castopod version alpha-F15h, with Facebook login, dynamic background audio ad insertion from beginning to end, and automatic publication to MySpace. 🚀
Download source code here:

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New value enabled podcasts:

- Bitcoin Kindergarten Live Q&A
- This Week in Startups
- Podcast Junkies
- A New Low
- Citadel Dispatch
- Generative Sound
- btc_potato

22 podcasts use Satoshis.Stream! 🎉

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ℹ️ Now a week old, the average number of transactions is 259 per day 🎉

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Congratulations for now being officially bigger than Apple Podcasts (and therefore the largest open podcast directory in the world).

(Is there a simple method to send podcasters to "add your show to the Podcast Index"? I notice you're missing from )

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@martin. On GrapheneOS I have recently noticed when playing a podcast the app will crash and bring me to the "continue episode" screen. Sometimes the phone gets warm before it happens. While a fun experience in my pocket, I think there's a bug.

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❤️ A @satoshisstream user says:

" I’ll tell you though.. been trying to monetize my pod for a year in the “traditional” way

Only 3 weeks on Sphinx, podcast index, breez and I’m already making more directly from my listeners than I have in 12 months the “old way" "

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Soon we are going to tell you the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Podcasting, The Fediverse, and Everything.
@Castopod alpha-4️⃣2️⃣ is coming… 🤫

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Slowly adding SoundBites and PC2.0 Chapters to Causality. At this point the low-hanging fruit of MP3s that used to have ID3 Chapters have all been done, that’s Episodes 22 to current (except 23). Prior to that there were no chapters in Causality, but I’m reconsidering that moving forward. Soundbites just added for Ep39 and I updated those on Ep1. I’m going to limit them to <90 seconds and a maximum of 4 per episode because after that I think it’s a bit much.

The Breez LNPay channel has been reopened (Yay Tim!) and any issues will shake out.

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FYI for anyone testing. An important channel between Breez and LNPay closed unexpectedly which made routes from Breez to Sphinx fail in some cases. PCI will now also create routing between B & S as an alternative route.

Thank you @marninx for your bubble graph, as it saved me a lot of hunting to figure out where the problem was

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@adam All of use guys, including @dave who are working to bring back RSS are awesome and we're succeeding!

(oops, I accidentally just complimented myself)

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@adam and @dave you will like this: If episodes have chapters, they are added in the export! Your boosts + streaming sats are linked to chapters!

Just have not been able to test because I do not have a chapter-enabled podcast!

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