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Two new value enabled podcasts!
- Wake Me Up: Morning meditation and motivation
- The Brothers Commonplace

63 podcasts are using Satoshis.Stream

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I have a podping repo up, and a thread to discuss the UPID (Universal Podcast Identifier) here:

Interesting read. As we say in the old country: "Als twee honden vechten om een been, gaat de derde ermee vandoor"

When two dogs are fighting over a bone, the third one runs off with it.

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STARTING NOW, together with the #ActivityPub-community @NGIZero is hosting a 2nd webinar on decentralized social networking for European & national administrations. ActivityPub-coauthor @cwebber will share development & future of decentralization (among which @spritelyproject ), after which we leave the floor to discuss how the European Commission, European Data Protection Supervisor & Joint Research Centre can join the fediverse.

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Over half a million sats streamed to Satoshis.Stream podcasts! 62 podcasts use Satoshis.Stream ❤️ 🎉 ⚡

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Ok, I’ve got a skeleton for podping sketched out. Ignore my chicken scratch/pseudocode. I’m now at the point where the servers need to sync their databases. I’m thinking that they would do this every 30 minutes. Basically they all dump their db’s to a csv file and send them to each other. Then each server loops through the dumps it received, diffs them against its own and then imports the balance of the diffs. Does that sound reasonable, or am I missing an obvious issue here?

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Had over 5k sats streamed to Fun Fact Friday today! At the current conversion, that's like $2.50 USD. It doesn't seem like much, but this is just the beginning. This whole podcasting 2.0 thing is fantastic! @adam @dave and everyone else working so hard on this, thank you all so much. Cheers!

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Join us at 6pm UTC today for our weekly developer roundtable.

Find your timezone at the page below.

9:00 pm IDT
8:00 pm CEST
7:00 pm BST
6:00 pm UTC
2:00 pm EDT
1:00 pm CDT
12:00 pm MDT
11:00 am PDT

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Before you jump into the weekend, don't forget: this Monday April 26 10 am CEST we are excited to have a 2nd webinar on #ActivityPub for administrations!

Together w @cwebber & #fediverse enthusiasts ( creators of Matrix-bridge #Kazarma, podcast solution @Castopod & others) we explore how ActivityPub works and its exciting evolution ( & hopefully convince public institutions to join the fediverse :metamorph: )

Want to know more? Check out the agenda here -> and join us!

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Love #podcasts and want open access to feeds?

Check out @dave and @adam

I'm Storting up a CLI and Golang package to integrate with their API.

Details to follow.
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Ep 34 of Podcasting 2.0: “I love our community so much…we don’t see eye-to-eye with each other on many different levels…but it comes down to it…we’ll all here for the same mission.” 100% Spot On Adam - love your work and love this group ❤️ @adam
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“Screw Apple, boost us!” — @adam on Podcasting 2.0 Ep 34

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I am pleased.

Time to stream some SATS!

Listen in your favorite podcast player using this link:

Send some boosts and support the cause!

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Podcasting 2.0 for April 23d 2021 Episode 34: All Hands On Deck --
Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on and welcome The Pirates of Podcast Hosting from Captivate.FM

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Three new value enableed podcasts!

- JAPAN WUT? Podcast
- Market Disruptors
- Score: The Podcast

Podcasts using Satoshis.Stream: 63

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