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@gates Live streamers are approaching me about live v4v with video.
Everyone seems to be using stream yard these days. They will need a streaming server. Any recommendations?

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Really looking forward to finishing this code so I can move back to working on the index. So much work to do. Starting with better feed metadata change triggers. Finally going to bite the bullet and put a Redis pipeline in. Not sure how much memory I’ll need for that. As usual I’ll try to keep it low to keep the hosting fees down.

Updated to Umbrel 48. Glad they sis something about their app password security. I had uninstalled Thunderhub for that very reason.

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I just added - that filterable list of apps from the Podcast Index namespace. If it's any use to anyone else.

This page very clearly shows that I don't do UX! :)

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There's an Umbrel app called "Lightning Terminal" which does quite a nice job of looping out lightning to maintain your channel liquidity, I learn. Worth a look.

Also for new Umbrel'ers note that their instructions on how to connect the Android Zap wallet is incorrect - ignore anything about Orbot, you don't need it. It's got Tor built-in. I've given the Umbrel folks a nudge in their Github.

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I don't have time for directories. That's why I use an Index.

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Podcasting 2.0 Episode 62: Dockerized and Good to Go -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on with updates on MkUltra and Bucks Fizz

@SteveB HELP!

The generator does nothing when I click the "create RSS file" button!!

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Lightning Podcast Charity Fund going live this weekend - please share with friends and family who might have been on the fence up until now!

@StevenB I added the namespace declaration manually. It appears to validate, so we'll see 🙂
Need to add the 'upgrade' tags for future conversions!

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@StevenB I'm trying to publish my feed for With Adam Curry. It does not have the namespace declaraion in the original feed, and upong using the rss genny, it processes without it as well.

I installed Umbrel on my Surface Pro 6 with external 2TB SSD
Evrything worked great!

Then I rebooted and nothing came up.
Can't connect via tor or umbrel.local

I did notice the under /media/adam/ I know have two external drive images: EXT and EXT1

Could thi sbe the culprit? When I do ps aux | grep docker I can see that 'stuff' is running

24 hours, not too bad actually. I guess processor speed matters too

I can't wait any longer for my Umbrel device. Need to join the revolution now!

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I would have thought that Castos would have the option to submit to the Podcast Index...but I don't see it using the Wordpress plugin

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@js @theDanielJLewis @adam LGY! Gotta figure out how to add this to CurioBlaster now and we can do both!

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@martin I sent a podfriend link to Dana Brunetti, Hollywood producer of many major films and shows including House of Cards.

His reply: "This podfriend app is great!"


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