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Looks like is now using for instant podping -> WebSub support. Cool!

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@martin @agates I can join if there's anything people want to talk about.

Podverse update is we've been working on the new v4 web app, and expect to have it live by end of this month.

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Do you find the Podcast Index Boardmeeting with @dave and @adam interesting? Your professional network might find that too!
Here's a ready made post on LinkedIn so you can connect your peers, producers and investors with the benefits of value for value, podcasting features that blow any other media out of the water and of course streaming sats, with splits to any value add in the value chain.

Make sure to like, mention people in the comments (use @), share and follow!

@dave I put this is my cron as per a suggestion on Twitter:
sudo chown adam:adam /dev/sda1 and it works!!

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I've got some news! I created an open source library for generating Podcasting 2.0 RSS feeds.

You can check it out here:

Any feedback is appreciated :)

@adam @dave @jamescridland

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@brianoflondon Gonna go back through everything top to bottom today and build a new docker image based on @agates feedback. I’ll ping everyone here when ready to try.

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Here is my presentation about the Open Web and Podcasting 2.0 I delivered at the Festival del Podcasting in Italy. I translated the slides and added presentator’s notes in English.
It’s available as a zip file containing Keynote, PowerPoint and PDF formats. Free to use for anybody.


Thanks to @benjaminbellamy , on whose presentation and slides a lot of this is based.

@adam @dave

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@dave heads up, Alex (dev who helps me) updated our P2 feature set and sent you a pull request.

No doubt lots to be done, but man this shit is slick out of the box!

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Latest version shows app logos and has a 'pew-pew' when a new Boostsagram comes in.

@gates Live streamers are approaching me about live v4v with video.
Everyone seems to be using stream yard these days. They will need a streaming server. Any recommendations?

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Really looking forward to finishing this code so I can move back to working on the index. So much work to do. Starting with better feed metadata change triggers. Finally going to bite the bullet and put a Redis pipeline in. Not sure how much memory I’ll need for that. As usual I’ll try to keep it low to keep the hosting fees down.

Updated to Umbrel 48. Glad they sis something about their app password security. I had uninstalled Thunderhub for that very reason.

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