I’m looking to change podcast providers and while I’m sure they’ll do just fine transferring all of my stuff to the new feed- call me old fashioned but I want to make sure I have a back up (other than my current files). Apple Podcasts doesn’t let the user go to the folder where they’re stored on the Mac (insane). I need something that will allow me to download 200+ episodes and back them up on a drive. Any ideas?

So I think I’m missing something. I’ve got my node up at the Index. I’ve got my podcast on Breez. I check it out on ThunderHub (came from Voltage) and it says Inbound is false. Have I skipped a step or missed something?

Just set up my own Bitcoin node. Soon Hero Movie Podcast is headed to Breez! This feels like Podcasting before iTunes. I’m pumped!

I’ve check and re-checked but I’m not sure where I’m falling short but I keep getting a Validation Error on Podcasterwallet for a few days now. Any ideas where I’m screwing up?

Leslie Jordan is the actor you guys were thinking of (as was I before you mentioned it).

I just want to say a GIANT thanks to all of you who are making this thing happen. I’m dumb as shit and can only watch from the sidelines and cheer. Now if you’ll excuse me- I need to catch up on how to do basic internet shit that would make you all believe I wear a diaper. lol

Listening to the latest episode (loving it, BTW) and I’ve got it for you- it’s alike a Vienna Sausage Fest- it’s all dudes, but it’s not intimidating.

I’m just a dumb podcaster who loves everything you guys are doing here but for the life of me I don’t get this- it doesn’t seem smart. You raise 4 million dollars for what? To do what Podcast Index has done with volunteer work from people who REALLY care? Maybe I’m missing something- help me out. podchaser.com/articles/inside-

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