Having a look at funkwhale myself. I uploaded my podcast to an instance over there, if you are curious there is what it looks like:
(which can be followed in mastofdon)



Here is an embedded mp3 file from that feed, I imagine one could swap these out for your regular hosting option, like podbean or buzzsprout:


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Obviously this is very new but I think there's opportunity to build on top of it.

I could see a way of offering volunteer pinning services in a relatively automated manner, and maybe some users would build filecoin into it to help with cost.

I could even see a way of adding lightning on top of said service offering.

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The flow would be:

Podcasting 2.0, for example, would sign up on any given pinning service. This service can be free or paid, mostly depends on the implementation details of the service -- main example is currently Pinata (pinata.cloud) which has both offerings.

When a new episode is released, P20 would add their audio files to IPFS and ask whatever pinning services they want to pin them via CID.

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@davekeeshan @dave I forgot to mention, a bit of research I did for IPFS led me to pinning services, which appear to be a brand new official spec.

It's a way of offering to pin files for other users, paid or free based on authentication.


Little something I've been playing with on the side. Sort of a type-based reactive event abstraction library. Far from complete though.

Just got multicast negotiation/consensus working to allow multiple nodes on a lan communicate types to each other without configuration.


@dave I stumbled upon this project while researching different ways to potentially bridge lightning into existing application infrastructure.

Activitypub could allow for decentralized comments on podcast "posts" (episodes) while linking into a value block from an RSS feed could allow integration. Kind of a "why not both" approach.

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@dave have you seen this, or perhaps other solutions like it?

I've been reading a bit about different tribes of decentralization and noticed a weird divide between rss/websub/indieweb vs activitypub/linked data.

Wondering if something like this might help bridge the gap.

RSS to ActivityPub Converter


Gold mine of information for blockchain Layer 2 research

Layer 2 Scaling Survey


A whole trove of relevant topics on that site overall.

Hope this is the start of a good conversation.

PeerTube Podcasting 2.0 RSS support Question


A bit out of date because keysend is so new, but still a nice reference from what I can tell.

Visualizing Lightning Network Wallets Architecture


Thoughts on LndHub as a sort of "layer 3" on top of the lightning network? Seems promising but I'm not sure about the level of support. So far I'm only aware of BlueWallet and Zeus supporting it.

Fascinating read. I actually got bit by this over a year ago moving ~2 PB of data with rsync.

Uncovering a 24-year-old bug in the Linux Kernel engineering.skroutz.gr/blog/un via @wallabagapp

What is currently your default shell on Linux/BSD?

@adam @dave ActivityPub for music, they even call their servers "pods".

I'm still focused on Peertube but would be interesting if someone adapted this for podcasting (if they haven't already).


Were the lighting network scalability issues raised in ~2018 ever addressed? I'm still educating myself on the topic, not sure what's FUD yet.

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