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I created a separate link for this -- maybe we can throw it around in case anyone wants to informally catch up every now and then.

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@adam on the show you seemed to indicate that you can't use Fountain on android?

It's available on the play store and works fine using the Aurora store on GrapheneOS.

Or perhaps I misunderstood :)

@dave which XMPP server have you been looking at? Prosidy looks really simple to set up, and ejabberd seems perfect for super high performance/scale.

Employees terminated for failure to comply with our vaccine policy aren't eligible for severance or unemployment... Guess they don't want to pay to fire 20% of the workforce.

Anyone know of any web UI/UX developers/designers looking for a job within the next three to six months? I can't hire right now, but I'll likely have a spot open in that window.


"Deliver a project in 4 easy steps"

submitted by _workchronicles

"Revolutionary random number generator -- patent pending."

submitted by DemiPixel

"When you “hack” into a government website using F12."

submitted by uncommonlyaverage

Anyone here used this? Might be promising for podping.

"UnifiedPush is specifications and tools that let the user choose how push notifications are delivered. All in a free and open source way."

I spoke too soon. The whole app freezes 10 minutes into an episode.

Thanks, Spotify.

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