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Join us at 6pm UTC today for our weekly developer roundtable.

Find your timezone at the page below.

9:00 pm IDT
8:00 pm CEST
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6:00 pm UTC
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1:00 pm CDT
12:00 pm MDT
11:00 am PDT

Any artists out there interested in contributing a logo for NATube?

What I've been working on the last couple days. Definitely recommend participating in an OpenHack event if you ever get the chance.

I have had a few queries now on how one can setup a full website, mp3 links and rss feed under IPFS. So I decided to write some of it up, if you are interested you can find it here:

Constructive comments welcome now supports videos. "Animated No Agenda" and "Brian of London NA Tube" are featured podcasts to try it out.

@martin would it help if I could throw together a reference video app/player of what I have in mind? I can do it in javascript/typescript.

A lot of people don't think about the differences in bandwidth for video podcasts, and we can do a lot to improve the streaming experience with alternateEnclosure.

What was the final verdict on upcoming roundtable schedules?

Guys - as I'm coming up to the last few interviews, I wanted to reach out to everyone and ask for contact info of anyone you think I missed that I should interview relating to podcasting 2.0... App dev or otherwise. Please let me know if I missed someone.

Podcasting 2.0 Roundtable - schedule

The current plan is to alternate the day of week between Saturday and Wednesday every other week, at 6PM/18:00 UTC for both.

You can see the current proposed schedule at the link below (it's my personal site) and download the ICS file for each series or subscribe to it in your calendar if you want.

In case you missed it yesterday, courtesy of @brianoflondon

Podcasting 2.0 Dev Meeting for May 1st 2021

Also available as "Brian of London Podcasts" as a video in your podcast app, though that needs some work.

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