Quick comment on NFTs -- some of the quieter uses of it are for real world things like electronic ticketing systems.

Sort of a "coin that you can only use for this one purpose" kind of thing. I think most of it will be abstracted on layer 2 like lightning, and hidden from the user.

Obviously the vanity items get all the media coverage :)

Also imagine if my comment here on mastodon could be associated with a podcast timestamp/chapter

@agates It could be a tag the points to a single thread that the podcaster starts when publishing an episode. WebSub does the rest?


@adam That would be a perfect way to bring the fediverse + podcast ecosystem together.

- Publisher creates post of podcast, either manually or automatically (peertube/funkwhale already do this for example)
- Post gets added item in RSS feed
- App can use it to display comments or even just have a an outgoing link
- Chapters/soundbites could be expanded to have comments url? Potentially have post made for every chapter/soundbite created in response to the item post.

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@agates Don't forget @Castopod 😉 : In the next release - it's now a matter of days - when you post a new episode with Castopod it will be automatically posted to RSS and as a Fediverse message as well.
(Castopod is a podcast server and a Fediverse server at the same time)
Likes, Shares, Answers from Mastodon will be displayed on Castopod.

@benjaminbellamy @adam @Castopod
I had no idea actually, that's awesome.

What are your thoughts about adding custom types to parallel the podcast namespace? It's going to need more than the built-in ActivityStream offerings especially for "alternateEnclosure" or "value" for example

@agates @adam @Castopod already implements some tags of the podcast namespace for RSS.
They will eventually be in stream as well. The roadmap depends on adoption by other players.

@benjaminbellamy @adam @Castopod Yes, looking at the source code, I see some of it.

Perhaps once phase 3 is finalized (or after) we can get some collaboration going on a standard between a couple of different applications (castopod and peertube to start)

Also, I do NOT miss writing PHP. Got some bad flashbacks from this haha!

@benjaminbellamy @agates @Castopod
I would live to be using castopod for my feeds, but the install path is too complicated for my skill set.

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