@agates Thanks so much for this Alecks. Very, very helpful.

@dave Just doing my part.

Tired of watching the world sell itself to centralized services. Even if there weren't privacy implications, centralized services just don't scale unless one pumps tons of money into them and takes a loss.

At least this way we can realize actual cost of the services while getting rid of the opportunity cost of "free."

Plus having the hobby makes the day job bearable!

@agates @dave After hearing you talk about it and digging in a little bit I'm totally sold on activitypub... great API for operability of messages

@agates @dave Ya I was going to bring up that only a tiny portion of people are on the fed, but with activity pub someone could make a an API bridge to discord and then podcasters who use discord (much higher percentage than mastadon) can get use of comments as well with no additional work for the index.


Is discord api open for making comments inside discord or to expose discord comments into ap?

@agates @dave

@PawelK @agates @dave not looked at it but I have seen apps that read comments from discord and then do something on a streamer screen on twitch.. so assuming its doable.

@Genen @PawelK @dave
Anything Microsoft is interested in purchasing is something I am interested in actively avoiding.

But yeah it could be done. Also with Matrix which can bridge anything.

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