@brianoflondon Is there an official repo for Hive code? I'm trying to see if there is any Rust support or libraries for Hive. If there is, I can just write the whole thing in that. If not, I'll have to call some shell command or something to put the notifications on the blockchain.

@brianoflondon Ok I found hive.io site. Looks like no lower-level libraries are listed. I guess we can just stick with python for now and I'll call it from the rust front-end with a unix socket or something. Or maybe you can write a python script that listens on a local TCP port and writes the JSON notification when called with a URL.
I can just send a packet to that port with the url to trigger the blockchain write.

@brianoflondon I have very little python experience. I've written a socket listener before, but it was very long ago. I remember it being very simple. It would need to be async though, so not sure if that is harder.


@dave @brianoflondon I have a lot of python and async experience.

I think rust is deal for our goals but I can help kick it off in python.

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@agates @brianoflondon 10-4. I’d love a Python script that just stays resident, listening on localhost tcp port 2112 (the Rush port 😊) for a url terminated by a newline char and when it gets one it writes it to the hive blockchain.

I’ll write the authenticated http front-end that sends urls to it on that port.

@dave @agates I can give this a try. I guess I'll need a Javascript page to test it.

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