Huh, the music industry is having problems getting the average musician paid. Who knew?

And now we're pushing for new ways to distribute and identify music in RSS and get rewarded for it by their fans with no middleman via a decentralized currency.

I hear podcasters talk about "the future of podcasting on Spotify" and I'm sitting here thinking to myself about "the future of music on podcasting."

I have strange life goals.

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@agates you should have heard me in 2006 talking about how the future of television is on podcasting. Lol

(Truthfully, though, I still hold onto that thought. Just with a little less enthusiasm.)

@mike Do you listen to Podcasting 2.0? They just (today) talked about a proposal that will assist with this.

@agates I do! I haven’t listened to the whole episode yet — only about 1/3 so far.


I want it for all content, written word being the next most useful. Music infotainment fiction/storytelling can all benefit from this model.


If we were to add some kind of "article" medium, would you consider adopting the "podcast namespace" to Write Freely's RSS feeds?

This would allow us to open up blogs/news to decentralized applications, solving one of the issues of content discovery that currently exists with both ActivityPub and standard RSS that blogs use.

Would also open it up to receive cryptocurrency via our v4v model.

I'd love this for my blog!


@agates Awesome goals! I've worked with musicians for years, it's a crazy business. That Spotify clip @adam and @dave played in episode 46 is very upsetting.. 🤬

The value4value with pc2.0 could be great for musicians and songwriters. I know fans love to support them and would love it even more if there's no greasy 'middle man'. You can return given value straight into their wallet, with full transparency on splits.

I would love to work on making this super easy to get them started with this!

@papabenen @agates @adam Go for it. A podcasting app that focuses on nothing but value4value podcast albums would be incredible. Once we get <podcast:medium> finalized it would be easy to pick up that info and show only those.

@dave @agates @adam That would be great! I think adding live casting could be a good one too.. there will be support for that as well, right?

Right now I'm trying to figure out how the value4value works myself to see what would be the easiest way. Would be great if the tech stuff could be minimal..

@papabenen @agates @adam Yes, live is on the radar soon. It required alternateEnclosure to be in there first. Now that we have that, we should be good to go.

@dave @papabenen @adam

Yes this would be ideal to add to index search etc, in nearly all available API queries.

@agates seems like it’s a time in the world to end our relationships with “industries” and create new relationships in communities.

@artyr3 @agates Yeah, it's almost like humans were meant to be in community supporting people we could communicate with, and we find much more acceptance and satisfaction when we're supporting communities.

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