Employees terminated for failure to comply with our vaccine policy aren't eligible for severance or unemployment... Guess they don't want to pay to fire 20% of the workforce.

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@agates They'll wind up paying in the end, one way or another.

@CoffeeFingers Man, they are already having trouble filling cloud engineer/architecture jobs. This is making it much worse. They wont be able to fill requirements for the contracts they're trying to keep by complying.

@CoffeeFingers @agates

Can companies hire consultants who are not vaccinated?

@h4890 @CoffeeFingers Probably depends on the company. Considering there's no actual law for any of it, lawyers are being skittish

@agates @CoffeeFingers

Ahh I see. I was thinking about if it would be possible for a company to convert their employees into consultants and continue having them on despite not being vaccinated?

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