@dave which XMPP server have you been looking at? Prosidy looks really simple to set up, and ejabberd seems perfect for super high performance/scale.

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@agates Prosody looks good. I like the focus on simple setup. I spent the evening last night looking at libraries to see if it's something I could roll. The libs are very low level and I'm not sure I want to get into 50 hours of bootstrapping something.

@dave Hey the reason I'm pushing xmpp so hard is because servers already exist lol, absolutely no reason to roll our own.

@agates I'm just a control freak. I always resist just install and go. It's a dumb part of me. I need to chill out.

@agates @dave Not to mention the RFCs exist and are old! +1 to coming up with an xmpp + podcast extension as an option (but not the only option) for podcast:liveItem > podcast:social or whatever standard you guys come up with for the feed declaration.

Make sure to include listenerCount and other serverInfo etc as part of the xmpp extension.

Lemme know when you have something fleshed out, as I'm looking to work on a client for this stuff once it gets going

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