I've been diligently using my social tags for comments across all shows. I'm heartbroken cross app comments have stalled

@agates @martin
What do we need to do?


@adam Issue is the ecosystem doesn't [yet] make it easy to reply to a thread/post in a standard way.

Short-term: Encourage apps to support the user logging into a 3rd party Mastodon/Pleroma server (e.g. how Tusky/Fedilab/Amaroq log into servers)

Mid/Long-term: Work to develop a standard, headless protocol/API as an equivalent of IMAP/SMTP for ActivityPub. I plan on doing this if no one else does by the time I have capacity for it. Maybe @clay could help.


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@adam @clay @martin Yeah, it's not stalled because of lack of interest by any means.

I think it's legitimately a difficult cognitive problem to solve for most people.

Maybe Jack will have something with Bluesky. Would love to see what they're up to.

@dave @agates @adam @clay @martin unfortunately I don't, but I can look into it. Could you please point me to where I can find what you are in need of with regard to it?

@steven @fredmbarros @dave @agates @adam @clay @martin At the end of last week's buzzcast, they asked: "what new feature, if any, would help a non-big-tech podcast app to gain any appreciable market share with users?"

i.e. what would cause users to switch?

In my opinion, comments are at the top of the list. Way more compelling from a user point of view over transcripts/chapters/crypto etc in terms of people making the switch.

I think we should focus on ActivityPub/fediverse first.


@steven @fredmbarros @dave @agates @adam @clay @martin

1. We need to get the word out to existing _podcasters_ to find a fediverse host they like, make an account, and start hosting a thread for each episode (and putting the socialInteract tag in their feeds).

They can do this today.

@steven @fredmbarros @dave @agates @adam @clay @martin

2. For podcast client app devs: get familiar with ActivityPub, but more specifically, with only what's necessary for comments. We have a great example host (podcastindex.social!) to mess around with.

Get familiar enough to read (display) comments. It's possible a "comment cache" service might help devs that don't want a backend, but it's pretty simple as it is.

@steven @fredmbarros @dave @agates @adam @clay @martin

We're lucky that the fediverse already exists, and we only need to use a small subset of interactions to post comments to other hubs.

I have a project I'm working on that will be open source and hostable on Cloudflare or your own server, or just used as an example of which server to server flows are necessary.

I've already federated with podcastindex.social server to server, and can do profile updates as well.

@steven @fredmbarros @dave @agates @adam @clay @martin

But what's cool is that since we are using ActivityPub, the hard part is already done! Already many choices for hosting, and Mastodon is very good, and easy to federate with.

Happy to help answer questions about what Mastodon does with AP currently, and I'll try to get the new project up and running within the next few weeks.

Already have a domain so it's official : )

@steven @fredmbarros @dave @agates @adam @clay @martin Important to set the expectation though that comments are more involved that any other tag in the namespace so far, so it will take a while, and that podcasters, especially, can get started today putting threads in their feeds, so when app support shows up, there are more than 3 feeds in the world with comments.

And of course get excited about it

It may be the most important new tag in the namespace!

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