@Meremortals here is an example of what your NATube channel would look like with square images on a phone screen, vs what it is right now (assume auto-generated thumbnails from the content)

Anyone else got this BS from LinkedIn so they can perform discrimination?

@dave I noticed you didn't include these two in the writeup for podcast:medium -- was that an oversight or do you feel they merit more discussion?

@brianoflondon Funny, I even predicted we'd hit this error. I should've fixed it at the time, guess it's a good lesson though.

Looking good @mitch

Is podverse taking a percentage? I did a boost and only saw sats go to the listed recipients from the feed

ARMv7 working -- important for people running raspberry pis in 32 bit mode, amongst other hardware.

(not pushed to docker hub yet brian)

@dave @brianoflondon

I believe I successfully built and arm64 image, which should run on an M1 Mac.

For Raspberry Pi I think it depends on the version of the OS you're running, it's been 32 bit default even with a 64 bit processor for a while -- I might need to add armv7 support to the build.

Use the :develop tag to test at your leisure please.


Huh, a blog I wrote is #4 when I search for "Podcasting 2.0".

At least the first few links are relevant. SEO has been improved from earlier this year.

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