@csb You have no idea how accurate their information is. It's extremely common for people here to put together family trees. No sharing of DNA with questionable services required.

@csb considering part of my ancestry literally goes back to Jamestown... lol

@csb I already know I'm half german and have some native american history. But, as with most americans it doesn't matter very much. These people want us to be racist 😂

No way I'm giving up my DNA to a site like that.

That feeling when you don't fit into any of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs 😂

So diverse and inclusive!

"When I saw this I laughed so hard I hurt my own feelings"

submitted by serverlessmom

@coldacid I like the AGPL, but I wish there was an official Lesser AGPL.

@Lehmancreations That's going to be tough for me going forward but will see what I can manage

@cisene Unfortunately the nano site doesn't even work correctly for me without disabling my ad blocker 😂

@cisene Would be curious to see how easy it is to implement in an app.

@ville @adam

Personally, I think the focus should be on ActivityPub first with the others secondary as external links.

The social tag is intentionally generic in that regard... i'll probably use it for live chat too.

@adam @ville

I think it's just a busy time of year, I wasn't able to make the last dev meeting and no one seemed to want to meet at another time. Plus I don't have my own podcast app to implement anything (yet).

Also I don't think it's everyone's priority, many are more interested in the live stuff.

Regardless, ActivityPub is hard because decentralized protocols are hard.

Personally I just got a new job and am busy with that.

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