Had a great conversation with @cameron, who is doing a fantastic job with has challenges including speed, but there is potential. The key is democratized access via an easy client that anyone can install in their machine in a couple of clicks. Because the US already has a decent number of nodes, at we spun up a node in Milan (Italy), the biggest in Europe to date 🌍 🎙️ Re-hosting Podcasting 2.0 by @adam and @dave and 1.5k+ episodes from other shows

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@alberto @cameron @adam @dave crying cause i don't have more time to help work on IPFS stuff right now. Made a fair amount of progress earlier in the year, but now I'm slammed for the next 3-4 months.

@alberto @adam @dave Thanks for the support. Your node is one of the biggest so far. It's been extremely helpful debugging various issues at scale.

Thanks again.

@cameron @adam @dave Thank you for the support @cameron and for assisting us setting up the node 🚀

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