🎙️ 💰 Here is a short video demonstrating our end-to-end value 4 value integration with Alby (and Fountain):
To the best of our knowledge, this is the most straightforward implementation to date, which elevates value 4 value from a PoC to a real-world feature and makes it really accessible to end users 🚀
CC @adam @dave @jamescridland @samsethi @merryoscar @getAlby @Ben

@alberto Congratulations! It does look slick.

Just one thing, when I turned on wallets for every single video podcast on I included (and still include) a 1% split for PodcastIndex. I think Fountain does this too.

I also talked with host 3speak about whether they wanted a cut but for now they don't.

@adam @dave @jamescridland @samsethi @merryoscar @getAlby @Ben

@adam @alberto @jamescridland @samsethi @merryoscar @getAlby @Ben This is amazing. Congrats guys!!

P.S. - I just emailed you a bug report Alberto.

@dave Thank you for the email! Fixed and deployed in production⚡

@alberto @adam @dave @jamescridland @samsethi @merryoscar @getAlby @Ben This is F⚡CKING AMAZING! I had some trouble putting things together in my head, but this is just ready to go... Done and done!

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