Anytime Player is now out of Beta and I've released v1.0 onto the Google Play Store. This is mostly a bug fix release over the last Beta, but if anyone has a little time to try it out and give feedback that would be great. Cheers.

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@amugofjava I'm stuck on the loading screen, running GrapheneOS without google play services. I don't think I'm in the beta yet so will try that after I can update

Any plans to release this on F-Droid?

Thanks for trying @agates. Not sure why it's got stuck - it shouldn't be tied to Play Services unless the Play Store is doing something odd. Here is a direct link to the APK:

Good shout on F-Droid - I'll look into that. Thanks.

Sorry @agates - didn't realise I had the link to the APK set as restricted. Should be open to anyone now. Cheers.

@amugofjava Thanks ben, the APK works. I'm guessing it's a difference with the beta 1.0 vs what I had from the google play store

@amugofjava I will check it out... got time later this week to do an interview about it?

Hi @genen - I can do tomorrow, 8th April, 7pm BST which I think is 1pm CST if that works for you?

@amugofjava yes that works Ben. what is your email so I can send you link to clean feed for the recording tomorrow? 1pm central time. it's 3pm right now as I send this for reference.

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