I’m new to Mastodon. Is this like Twitter where I post about whatever I want? Or is this more like a forum where I should only post things relevant to the community (ie podcasting)?

@andrewshell It's kind of both. This particular server focuses on, the namespace and podcasting development in general. But, we federate with the mastodon universe, so anyone else on any mastodon server can follow you and see your toots.

That's the long way to say you can use it however you'd like. 🙂

@dave Gotcha! I’m on my third iOS client now. Trying to find what works the best. :-)

@Lordimpala @andrewshell I'm using Amaroq as well. It glitches sometimes, but mostly solid for me.

@dave @Lordimpala I tried Amaroq first but couldn’t figure out how to follow people. I’m back on Tootle right now because Mast kept crashing when I’d try to refresh notifications.

@andrewshell @dave I’m using Tootle, no complaints but I haven’t really tried others

@RyanHirsch @dave I tried Tootle but it seemed too busy. May try it again. Right now Mast by PoeticBytes seems to work pretty well.

@andrewshell I tend to stick to podcasting-specific topics here. I have other places on the Fediverse where I talk about other things. But do what you want. 😬

@phoneboy Do you create new accounts on the other servers? I thought the idea of the fediverse was you could have one account and go everywhere.

@andrewshell @phoneboy I have an account on that I have tied to my microblog for cross-posting and general commenting. Then I have an account here for only podcast related stuff. The only difference with having an account on a different server and following people here on this one is that your post doesn't show up on the "local timeline" of this server.

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