@dave @419monk or is it trinary? Clean=true no explicit, clean=false only explicit, clean not set, both explicit and not explicit

@dave @coldacid I’d be happy to discuss what that looks like. I’ve considered putting WebSub functionality in there but hadn’t planned that out yet.

@dave @Lordimpala I tried Amaroq first but couldn’t figure out how to follow people. I’m back on Tootle right now because Mast kept crashing when I’d try to refresh notifications.

@phoneboy Do you create new accounts on the other servers? I thought the idea of the fediverse was you could have one account and go everywhere.

@RyanHirsch @dave I tried Tootle but it seemed too busy. May try it again. Right now Mast by PoeticBytes seems to work pretty well.

@dave Gotcha! I’m on my third iOS client now. Trying to find what works the best. :-)

I’m new to Mastodon. Is this like Twitter where I post about whatever I want? Or is this more like a forum where I should only post things relevant to the community (ie podcasting)?

@dave Thanks! I’ve been making my way through the podcast backlog. Just found out about PI project recently. :-)

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