Which podcast player has the spirit of podcasting2.0 and is adapting it already? Other than sphinx, on Android.
I'm using pocket casts atm. Want to change.


Earning as a host? Podcasting 2.0 is enabling a decentralized, self-sustaining ecosystem for content creators. I show you how to set up your feed with @RaspiBlitz node and @sphinx_chat
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In 2,5 hours I will present podcasting2.0 at meet.fulmo.org/hacksprint

@adam @dave @brianoflondon @419monk

Going to present podcasting2.0 at the Chaos Communication Congress on Monday. 🤗 Question: which podcast hosting services/plugins have enabled the value tag in the RSS feed already? @dave @adam @brianoflondon

@dave I can not see sats coming in on my raspi. Can you please take a look

@dave got my tribe and the podcast is working :-) Now, I should see those boost Satoshis on my RaspiBlitz?

@dave @sphinx_chat Hi, I am requesting the WordPress Podlove Plugin developers to implement the namespace tags I need in my RSS feed. Which one do I need to make lightning payments running? value type and valueRecipient? Anything else? Thanks!

Hi, I am self-hosting my Bitcoin & Co. podcast with WordPress and Podlove. Would love to be one of the first podcasters to implement this solution. Following! @adam

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