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PodcastIndex board meetings are now posted on LinkedIn. Support the initiative, give them a boost.

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New version of Podfriend out. Now with individual & messaged boosts!

Out on the web. Will try to release an Android and iOS version tonight too, but time is running out.

Leaving for Poland tomorrow and then will most likely be "away" for 3 weeks (I'll still be here on, but not have access to my development machine 😱 )

More Podcasting 2.0 Shirts shipping tomorrow. Tracking emailed. Thank for you supporting the project!

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i'm definitely not a graphic artist, which is why i rely so heavily on the art generator for NA. I created this one for the latest episode of Podcasting 2.0. Could be much better, but i'm no pro. ;) @dave @adam @aric

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Podcasting 2.0 Episode 45: Pressin' The Flesh and Kissin' Babies -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on joined by Aric for an overview of the new website and much much more!

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πŸ’™ Holy Podfriend Batman! πŸ’™

I have taken a big decision for the betterment of mankind: Podfriend is now open source with the MIT license.

A big decision, because the code is downright ugly, with a lot of crap that's not used. But if I wait until it's perfect it would never happen.

So clone it, steal ideas from it, love it and above all be excellent to each other πŸ’™

Also feel free to send pull requests, although I will probably be very selective about what I merge :)

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Hindenburg Systems is offering a series of webinars and workshops for beginner and intermediate podcasters.

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Join us at 6pm UTC today for our weekly developer roundtable.

Find your timezone at the page below.

9:00 pm IDT
8:00 pm CEST
7:00 pm BST
6:00 pm UTC
2:00 pm EDT
1:00 pm CDT
12:00 pm MDT
11:00 am PDT

@ville Yeah.... its a tad slow. We are working to setup caching. Purely dev, so not ready for production, yet.

Feed Image server project: Feedback, suggestions welcome. Note: Not currently serving chapter or episode content.

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Podcasting 2.0 for February 19th 2021 Episode 25: Can't Drive 55 -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on including important Climate news!!

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