More Podcasting 2.0 Shirts shipping tomorrow. Tracking emailed. Thank for you supporting the project!

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@aric (& @dave & @adam ) Wohooo, I got mine (after it being caught in customs and me having to pay a ~30$ fee to get it). I am very pleased with it.

I look like a sweaty orc because of temperatures and me packing, but I plan on bringing the T-shirt on vacation and taking a (hopefully) good photo somewhere!

@martin @aric @adam $30!! Holy jeez. We cost you money by sending you something. 😟

@dave @aric @adam
Bah, blame the stupid import laws here.
Also those $30 is a bargain for a collectors item such as this ❤️

@adam @martin @dave Next time Ill mark it as humanitarian aid (clothing/food)

@aric this is a picture of me actually wearing the shirt.

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