I'd been waiting for you to post the pic of the tank top you were talking about on the last show but this way better :) Happy Birthday SirSpencer! Something, something a joke about all the people wishing you a happy birthday yesterday and coming early 🤣🎁🎶
@CarBlanez33 @SirSpencer

@CarBlanez33 @MrMaxPowers247 awwww hell yeah! That's an awesome tank, I wanted some of those noagenda buttons with that 33 design...


@SirSpencer @MrMaxPowers247 the neon lights reminded me of the neon sign we have here in the smoker and of course the Hog Story bumper by you and @Laurien 💜 💚


@CarBlanez33 @SirSpencer @MrMaxPowers247 @Laurien

Maybe we look at doing a pleroma instance with that or pyramidscene.xyz?

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