I wrote a short article that explains how to record a on Linux with remote guests, using Ubuntu, Ardour and Jack Audio Connection Kit. 🎙
Feedback are welcome!

@benjaminbellamy Really good guide, tempted to set up a DAW .. dunno what I'd do with it though...

@benjaminbellamy Ok mores dive what you’ve done with jack routing. Sadly, all I need is multi-track support for usb3 devices. Can’t do real-time with DSP in any other manner. If anyone ever figures out a driver for my MOTU, I’ll never look back. Already a Lubuntu guy for daily driver.

@benjaminbellamy Interesting that you're routing around the DAW.

I use Qtractor and route through it.

The mics and guest go to separate mono tracks.

An Aux bus routes the mics to guest separately (Mix-minus).

Mics and guest go to Master bus for headphones.

I use LSP Plugins for noise gate, compressor and limiter (selectable on each input).

Using Linux Mint, Jack modules are autoloaded.

I don't record a music track but that could be added to Aux and Master buses.

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