Hey @dave @jamescridland, I translated the group/role taxonomy in French but I was wondering how we could have it on the namespace github… What would make sense?
(Also the <podcast:person> should specify that group and role should use English.)

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@benjaminbellamy @jamescridland can you do a PR with it and just name it with maybe

@dave @benjaminbellamy Good idea - though would suggest - I'll bet you that fr-CA would have different words for some of the roles. This should probably follow

@jamescridland @dave But somehow we need a link between the local translation and the english version: the english version must be in the RSS feed otherwise apps won't be able to work. Or we need a language attribute in the <podcast:person> tag but I don't like that.

@dave @Castopod Oh, @jamescridland, I think I see where you're going: addinq a language attribute and allow multiple tags for the same group/role in different languages. Is that it?
For instance:
<podcast:person group="Cast" role="Guest" name="Benjamin Bellamy" language="en-us"/>
<podcast:person group="Distribution" role="Invité" name="Benjamin Bellamy" language="fr-fr"/>

@benjaminbellamy @dave @Castopod Not really - just thinking about the JSON field with all the names in it, so that the device has a translation file. Keep the RSS feed in English (sorry).

Hello @dave @jamescridland
I did that:
(I need a "key" attribute in order to be able to make the translation match the English lines.)
What do you think?

@dave @jamescridland I was also wondering whether the json should have a tree with all roles beneath the same group element. (Makes more sense, reduces typo mistakes…)

@benjaminbellamy @dave @jamescridland Shouldn't this also have a lang attribute, so we can differentiate between different languages?

@martin @dave @jamescridland No, the RSS feed is English only. (Same for the categories.) Translations are for app display purpose only. (But without a "key" attribute it will be difficult.)

@benjaminbellamy @dave @jamescridland

True, I was purely imagining multiple languages being in the same file, but I also like having the translations in separate files more.

@benjaminbellamy @jamescridland I merged it. Seems like an ok solution to me. Otherwise we end up with a truly gigantic single file after just a few translations are added.

@benjaminbellamy @jamescridland Yes I’m fine with the idea. I think it’s the best solution to a difficult problem. If someone brainstorms something better we can pivot.

@benjaminbellamy @jamescridland Sorry for using the word pivot. That’s gross VC talk. Ugh. I need a shower.

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