@adam @dave @jamescridland
Anyone has any question, feeback, comment on suggestion on the <podcast:recommendation> tag?

@dave @adam @jamescridland 🥳
If you have any question, I'm here.
Or you may keep them until next week… ;-)

@benjaminbellamy @dave @adam @jamescridland
Some kind of motivation for the proposed tag would be cool. Like why is this needed and who would be using it and how.
I'm not saying this isn't needed but you must have thought about these things, so it would be nice to hear 🙂

@benjaminbellamy @dave @adam @jamescridland
Argh nevermind me. Somehow I missed the link to the actual proposal 🤦

@benjaminbellamy @adam @jamescridland I do want to wait until next week to go over some of it with you directly. But, I can tell you that this has my juices flowing for real. I've been pondering it all morning and I really like this concept.

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