Hello @samsethi, @dave & @adam.
I was listening to Episode #31 (Cooking with Gas) and I heard you talking about “timestamped comments”: this is on already on @Castopod's roadmap. Castopod already allows comments on an episode thanks to ActivityPub protocol. In a next version you'll be able to specify a timestamp, either by manually adding [hh:mm:ss] in your comment (eg. “1:34:15 GO PODCASTING! 🗣️ ”) or automatically thanks to the client you're using.

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@benjaminbellamy Very cool. Is there an explainer anywhere on how it integrates with other AP servers like Mastodon?

@dave We have not written a detailed specification yet but these timestamps will be embedded in ActivityPub messages as a new tag type.

@dave For instance:

"tag": [
"href": "https://castopod.demo/@castopod/episodes/entering-the-fediverse?t=3600",
"name": "1:00:00",
"type": "Timestamp"

"content": "<p><span class=\"h-card\"><a href=\"https://castopod.demo/@castopod/episodes/entering-the-fediverse?t=3600\" class=\"u-url timestamp\">1:00:00</a></span> GO PODCASTING!</p>",

1/ We are currently integrating that into @Castopod so that the podcaster can add these timestamp.
2/ If we want to be able to create timestamp from Mastodon, we need Mastodon to be able to create these tags.
3/ @Castopod mobile App will create these as well.

@benjaminbellamy @Castopod

The whole point of being federated is so other apps can also write and read this content right? Is that something you're considering?

I've spent quite a few hours the last month or so looking into ActivityPub and I'm having a little bit of a hard time to see how the best way to move forward would be for everyone of us to collaborate - But I think it's incredibly important that we do.

@benjaminbellamy is it typical for the "content" to be so opinioned about the presentation? I would have thought that would be up to the presentation layer :O

@benjaminbellamy @martin Yes, @agates has brought this up about how opinionated Mastodon's flavor of AP is.

@dave @benjaminbellamy @agates We don't have to follow the same flavor right?

However I do feel we need to agree on some standards for the custom types, because otherwise we'll not be able to talk together across apps.

Eg. how a "Review" is defined if we want that to be distributed etc.

@martin @benjaminbellamy @agates There also needs to be an idea of what direction this is headed. We've discussed AP/AS and also type stuff. If people are already leaning toward AP that's good to know.

@dave @martin @benjaminbellamy I think ActivityPub and Matrix solve two different problems, AP makes the most sense here for me.

Also I think people might over estimate the difficulty of implementing it... to do this right a host will need to post a podcast episode via ActivityPub AND will need to present the episode's AP object in the RSS feed for clients to respond to.

But it's not like the client/host will need to cache everything it sees in the fediverse.

@agates @dave @benjaminbellamy
I agree with AP over Matrix. Matrix seems much more fitting for realtime chat systems as far as I can see.

In regards to AP - I don't think podcast hosts need to control the Podcast and Episode objects - we just need to agree on a unique ID for the various objects that all apps and servers follow right?

I think we need that first dev session soon! (I forgot what happened to the vote about the date?)

@martin @dave @benjaminbellamy
Well the AP object has to live somewhere. That would be up to the host, in the same way they would choose a host for mp3s.

The unique ID is basically a URL that isn't supposed to change by my understanding of the current protocol.

There may be an opportunity for something like... where the podcast index could do it on top of a host, but transfer of AP objects is trickier because you can't move them across domains etc to my knowledge.

@martin @dave @benjaminbellamy That said most of what I currently understand may be more of Mastodon's very opinionated implementation. I need to sit down and try an implementation myself from scratch to really understand it.

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