I wrote a small tutorial to use PureData as a soundboard for your MIDI controller. 🎚️ 🎶
Hope you enjoy it!

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@benjaminbellamy I am following your tutorial about PureData Soundboard using midi controler... i keep getting the midi stuf purple on QJackctl... I don't get why... i belive a miss a step there.... any clue on what to do?

@jaiecoute That's weird, I've never seen purple stuff. Which Jack version are you using? (I have Jack 1.9.14) Which QJackCTL? (I have QjackCTL 0.9.0)

@benjaminbellamy Jack is 1.9.12. QJackCtl 0.9.3 is installed.
it collors midi stuff in purple and audio routes in green ... i asumed purple was some sort of error but it is not. thank you!!

@jaiecoute I even think that purple is better. I should investigate… 🕵️‍♂️
Maybe because I have “ALSA/MIDI sequencer support disabled”…

@benjaminbellamy that's may be the reason ... i do not have this red advertisement.

@jaiecoute « Avertissement » c'est “Warning”.
“advertisement” c'est « publicité » 😉

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