“I think there is a win for podcast apps if we can do Youtube style comments that work cross app.” @adam on Podcasting 2.0.
@Castopod already allows listeners to comment, like and share podcast episodes, cross app, thanks to ActivityPub!


- If you just want to display an AP thread, all you have to do is to make an https query to fetch the thread in Json format. (Here my podcast:social spec could be useful because it would provide that url. In Castopod this url is the exact same as the "human readable" episode url)
- If you want your user to reply from its own AP server (as a Mastodon client would do for instance), you need to connect to that server's API.
@adam @Castopod

- If you want to implement an AP server (I am not sure this is how I would do it, I'd probably rely on Mastodon), it's all here:
- If you want answers from someone who really knows what he's talking about, you need to ask @yassinedoghri 😉
@adam @Castopod

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