Ten days ago in Podland, @jamescridland wished that we could get cross-application comments for podcasting up and running: Wish granted by @martin & @Castopod, thanks to all the PodcastIndex fellowship! 🧞 πŸ™ πŸš€ πŸ’¬ ✊

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@agates @benjaminbellamy @jamescridland @Castopod

We just got a bit excited, because we set it as a goal and achieved it πŸ˜…

Not meaning to take credit that is yours. You’ve also pushed for AP! ❀️

My code is still alpha quality. I hope to have it talking with everyone soon.

I’d also just like to say that Yassine sending working json endpoints etc. made the project much more tangible. That deserves a good amount of credit in my book. Reading the standard itself was uphill work.

@martin @agates @benjaminbellamy @jamescridland @Castopod When can we try this miracle of the minds? I'm already talking about it on NA

@adam @agates @benjaminbellamy @jamescridland @Castopod I don’t think I’ll have the time while in Greece so it will probably be at least around 1,5 weeks out before I release it. 😱

@martin @adam @agates @benjaminbellamy @jamescridland @Castopod I never get used to the comma instead of period. I always read that as 1 or 5 weeks.

@dave @martin @adam @agates @benjaminbellamy @jamescridland @Castopod
Funny thing. That looks a little wonky to me too, although we use the comma here also, but among English text it looks little out of place πŸ˜…

@ville @dave @martin @agates @benjaminbellamy @jamescridland @Castopod second mature to me. I screw up date/month all the time thanks to my European schooling

@martin @agates @dave @benjaminbellamy @adam @jamescridland @Castopod
And of course with the leading zeros, because otherwise you can't even sort πŸ˜…

@martin @agates @benjaminbellamy @jamescridland @Castopod Yeah, sometimes just seeing it on paper makes it really hard. Having a working system to bang on really helps to see what the deficiencies are, and know what to build against.

@martin @agates @benjaminbellamy @jamescridland @Castopod And, that could easily just be me also. I'm so visual oriented. Sometimes I get lost just reading specs. We can't all be Alecks.

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