With cross-app comments using ActivityPub, podcasters don't have to delegate interactions with their audience to a third party social media site anymore.
Cut out the middleman.
Stay in control.
The podcast IS the social network.

From “Podcasting 2.0 for October 29nd 2021 Episode 60: Crossing the Line”

@benjaminbellamy Do you have a directory of public Castopod instances? Would be useful to test AP client code against.

@js No there isn't: anyone can download the code, install it and run it without us knowing. That's the beauty of it. (Even if it's frustrating… 😉 )

@benjaminbellamy Do you know of any public instances though? Do you run a few yourselves?

@js The best way to find some is to make a Google search "Powered by Castopod".

@benjaminbellamy Thank you!

I notice your episode pages (e.g. [1]) are secretly ActivityPub nodes if you send the right Accept header.

You might consider putting the standard discovery <link> in your episode page html head tag like Mastodon does, so it can be found in the standard way.

e.g. <link href="" rel="alternate" type="application/activity+json">


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